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Preschool Math Assessment Workbooks is a must for all teachers. Preschoolers are going to have a learning curve and the teacher will need to find an appropriate set of materials that help them progress. Preschool worksheets are a great option to help with this. PRESCHOOL MATH ASSESSMENT WORKSHEETS Workbooks help the child learn the concept […]


Preschool is a special time for children because it is when they begin to take their first steps into a world of learning. This is also a time when children can learn to develop their own social skills and develop relationships with other children of the same age. This is why preschool social and emotional […]


Preschool Reading Assessment is a fun, engaging way to help prepare students for their school years. The results of a Preschool Reading Assessment can be used by the school or even the teacher to determine how well the child is reading. PRESCHOOL READING ASSESSMENT The first step in getting a Preschool Reading Assessment is to […]


Single-digit addition facts and single-digit addition worksheets are very important for students with ADD. Kids with ADD have a hard time remembering numbers and sometimes even numbers in a range. This is why it is necessary to include numbers from one to ten in their ADD facts and ADD worksheets. SINGLE DIGIT ADDITION WORKSHEETS There […]

Multiplication Chart: Blank Multiplication Chart

For people who are interested in working with math problems on a regular basis, a Printable Blank Multiplication Chart is an excellent tool. The multiplication chart is a great way to learn math problems and do them for a fun challenge on your own or with a friend. Blank Multiplication Chart Blank Multiplication Chart 1-9 […]

Multiplication Chart: Color Multiplication Chart

A color Multiplication Chart can be a great addition to your Math class. Kids who have been taught this method may even help their teachers teach the other ways of doing multiplication, as well as counting. Let’s take a look at what you should expect in a student’s Math Class when a color Multiplication Chart […]