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Grade 5 verbs worksheets

In fifth grade, Verbs worksheets are a great way to teach students the verb root structure. When using verbs as part of a sentence, you can teach students the different inflection of the tense as well as the types of adverbs that are commonly used in an English-language classroom. Verbs worksheets can be used with both large and small groups of students. For children as young as five or six years old, you can use lessons about verbs with other fifth grade lessons, such as geography or math. By the time sixth grade students enter school, they will already have mastered a great deal of vocabulary and skills that they can apply to everything they learn in English language classrooms.

It is not necessary to stick to the same type of verb worksheets when teaching students about the different types of verbs. You can choose from many different groups of verbs and students will not feel overwhelmed by the information. For example, you can choose a group of verbs that are commonly used and simply create worksheets on those topics. For example, the list of most commonly used verbs can include the adverbs “very,” “much,” and “too.” Creating worksheets based on this topic could include verbs like “used,” “saw,” “was,” “,” “saws,” and “sawing.” This will keep your students focused on the type of verbs they are learning in order to enable them to use the techniques taught in class.

It is important to have some basic knowledge about the types of verbs in fifth grade before creating Verbs worksheets. By the time students enter the sixth grade, they will already have learned about pronouns, conjugation, and other aspects of the English language. It will be easier for them to focus on grammar and structure because their grasp of the new concepts has already been formed. A good way to get a feel for the types of verbs that will be used in fifth grade is to create some basic versions of these Verbs worksheets.

Verbs worksheets for fifth grade

Verbs worksheets for fifth grade
Verbs worksheets for fifth grade

Our grade 5 verbs worksheets focus on more advanced topics related to verb tenses.  We cover the past, present and future perfect tenses and introduce the progressive tenses (also called the continuous tenses).   There are several worksheets on verb conjugation and consistent use of verb tenses within texts.

Perfect tense

  • Perfect tenses introduction –  one worksheet each on the past, present or future perfect tense
  • Perfect tenses – is the sentence in the past, present or future perfect tense?
  • Using perfect tenses – select the correct form of the verb in the sentences

Progressive tense

  • Past, present and future – use simple and progressive forms of past – present – future tenses
  • Perfect progressive tenses – complete sentences using perfect progressive tenses

Improving verb usage

  • Verb conjugation – select the correct form of the verb
  • Noun-verb agreement – singular / plural agreement between nouns and verbs
  • Descriptive verbs – improve writing by using descriptive verbs
  • Time and sequence – use verbs to define time and sequence

Correcting verb usage and tenses

  • Correcting verb tenses – rewrite the sentences, correcting the verb tenses
  • Verb tense shifts (1) – fix the incorrect verb tense shifts in these sentences.
  • Verb tense shifts (2) – fix the verb tense shifts in these longer texts.
  • Verb tense practice – complete these longer texts with verbs in the proper tense

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Grade 4 verbs worksheets

Can you make a dictionary out of the verbs worksheets for fourth grade? What’s going on here? Do you see how all the verbs on this sheet are defined and what types of actions they can take? That’s a great trick. But then again, this is already a huge help because now you know what verbs to use and which ones to leave out. You have the advantage of all the words, you have the advantage of options. But what if you wanted to get to another level and actually write some sentences in English?

Well, that’s possible too with some verb worksheets for English. The idea here is that you would really start using some English, but with more forms and more complex sentences. And then you can present this to your teacher and see if she would be willing to implement what you are doing. If she agrees, you could continue in this direction by adding more worksheets to each lesson and introducing more grammar and sentence structure so that your teacher can understand you better.

So if you’re stuck with how to help your child with English in fourth grade, don’t just say no. Get a better understanding of the word, make more verb worksheets, and help them understand English. There are plenty of places to look for ideas like this. You just need to be creative and be open to new ideas.

Verbs worksheets for fourth grade

Verbs worksheets for fourth grade
Verbs worksheets for fourth grade

Our grade 4 verb worksheets focus on the past, present and future perfect tenses, the progressive or continuous tenses, and on the usage of helping verbs.

Perfect tense

  • Past perfect tense –  write sentences in the past perfect tense
  • Present perfect tense – write sentences in the present perfect tense
  • Future perfect tense  – write sentences in the future perfect tense

Progressive tense (continuous tense)

  • Past progressive tense – comparing the past tense and the past progressive tense
  • Present progressive tense – comparing the present tense and the present progressive tense
  • Future progressive tense – comparing the future tense and the future progressive tense
  • Progressive tenses – writing verbs using the past, present and future progressive tenses

Linking verbs and helping verbs

  • Action verbs and linking verbs – classify verbs as action verbs or linking verbs
  • Helping verbs – can / could
  • Helping verbs – may /  might / must
  • Auxiliary verbs – using auxiliary verbs in sentences

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Verb Worksheets for Elementary School Printable and Free

Use our verbs worksheets to swing your reading, writing, and grammar instruction into action. These worksheets help students practice identifying verbs, verb tenses, subject verb agreement, irregular verb conjugation, and so much more. From fill-in-the-blank sentences to crossword puzzles, there are all kinds of ways to engage kindergarten through fifth grade students in learning about verbs.

A verb is a word that shows action or links a subject to another word in the sentence. A verb asserts something about the subject of the sentence and express actions, events, or states of being. Verbs are one of the most basic parts of speech. Verbs are in every sentence you write. Verbs show action. We currently have verbs worksheets for subtopics: action verbs, irregular verbs, linking verbs, helping verbs, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement, general and precise verbs, to be verbs, phrasal verbs, modal verbs and verb conjugation.

Here is a graphic preview for all of the verbs Worksheets. Our verbs Worksheets are free to download and easy to access in image format. Use these verbs worksheets in school or at home. Click here for a description of all sub-category Verbs Worksheets for Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5.

Free verb worksheets

Verb Worksheets for Elementary School
Verb Worksheets for Elementary School

These printable worksheets help students learn to recognize and use verbs.  Verbs are doing words or ‘action’ words.  All worksheets are free, printable pdf/image files.

Grade 1 verbs worksheets

  • Identifying action words and verbs
  • Writing sentences with verbs
  • Verb-noun agreement
  • Past, present and future tenses
  • Verbs ending in “ed” and “ing”

Grade 2 verbs worksheets

  • Identifying verbs
  • Writing verbs in sentences
  • Action verbs vs linking verbs
  • Conjugating verbs
  • Commonly confused verbs (saw/seen; lie/lay/laid; is/are)
  • Verb tenses: past, present and future tenses
  • Irregular verbs
  • More Verb Worksheets for Grade 2

Grade 3 verbs worksheets

  • Identifying verbs (actions, mental actions, state of being)
  • Identify verbs and nouns
  • Completing sentences with verbs
  • Commonly confused verbs
  • Phrasal verbs
  • Subject-verb agreement
  • Action verbs
  • Linking verbs
  • Helping verbs
  • Verb tenses
  • Irregular verbs
  • Progressive verb tenses

Grade 4 verbs worksheets

  • Past perfect, present perfect and future perfect tenses
  • Progressive (or continuous) verb tenses
  • Helping or auxiliary verbs
  • Can vs could
  • May vs might vs must
  • Action verbs and linking verbs

Grade 5 verbs worksheets

  • The perfect tenses
  • The progressive (continuous) tenses
  • The perfect progressive tense
  • Verb conjugation
  • Noun-verb agreement
  • Descriptive verbs
  • Correcting verb tenses
  • Verb tense shifts
  • Verb tense practice (longer texts)

For all material discussion regarding verbs for grade 1 to grade 5, please click on the active keyword verb above later.

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