10+ Third / 3rd Grade Verb Worksheets

Several Third Grade Verb Worksheets exist for teachers to use in teaching the verb forms. The use of this worksheet allows students to practice their skills in identifying the various verbs that appear in the different types of sentences.

Third Grade Verb Worksheets

Circle the Verbs Worksheet

Several worksheets exist for students in fourth grade. The main one is the verb worksheet. This worksheet allows students to learn the right way to identify each of the different verbs in the sentence.

Color the Adverbs, Verbs, Nouns and Adjectives

To create this worksheet, you will need to first gather all of the standard word problems. Some of these include the familiar order of the nouns and adjectives in the sentence. As well, you may need to collect all of the main verbs in the sentence. These include such verbs as sit, tell, walk, eat, drink, sit, cook, read, and sleep.

Draw the Verbs Worksheet

By creating a worksheet like this, you will be able to write down all of the different verbs in the sentence, and also a couple of ways that they can interact with each other. After you have completed writing down the various verbs, you will need to add some explanations and examples to help your students.

Fill the Blanks Verb Worksheet

For example, if you are teaching students how to write a story, then you may want to use examples of main sentences to go along with the examples in the examples. In some cases, you may want to choose to write down different verbs together with their synonyms. In other cases, you may want to write down both the main verbs and their synonyms.

Find the Verbs Worksheet

Find the Verbs Worksheet
Find the Verbs Worksheet

The important thing to remember about these worksheets is that they allow students to practice identifying the different verbs they will be writing as they learn how to write sentences. These worksheets also allow students to learn the different grammar structures that will come in handy when they write their own. You will find that many of the grammar rules are stated in the workbook as well as in the worksheet.

The 3 Types of Verbs Worksheet

The 3 Types of Verbs Worksheet
The 3 Types of Verbs Worksheet

It should be noted that as you prepare different sentences, your students will also need to practice a few other key skills. In some cases, you may want to have them play the games, but in most cases, you will find that you will need to use the paper to teach them this type of activity. As well, you may need to let them choose a partner to practice writing sentences.

Teachers have found that Third Grade Verb Worksheets can help students identify the different verbs in various types of sentences. This is an essential tool in the learning process of teaching this particular skill.

Verbs worksheets for third grade

Verb usage worksheets

  • Identifying verbs – circle the verbs in the sentences
  • Verbs and nouns – circle the verbs and underline the nouns in the word list
  • Verbs and sentences – identify the verbs and complete the sentences with them
  • Commonly confused verbs – will / would; can / may; raise / rise / rose
  • Phrasal verbs – underline the phrasal verbs (e.g. “pick up”)
  • Subject-verb agreement – write the form (singular / plural) of the verb that agrees with the subject

Action verbs, linking verbs and helping verbs

  • Action verbs – identify and use action verbs in sentences
  • Linking verbs – identify linking verbs (am, is, are …) in sentences
  • Action verb or linking verb? – classify verbs as action verbs or linking verbs
  • Helping verbs – underline the main verb and circle the helping verb (e.g. have seen)

Verb tenses

  • Past, present of future? – is the sentence in the past, present or future?
  • Irregular verbs – complete the sentence using the past tense of the irregular verbs
  • Past and present tenses – rewrite sentences in the present or past tenses
  • Progressive verb tenses – write verbs in their past, present and future progressive form

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