Multiplication Chart: Proportioned Multiplication Chart

The Multiplication Chart is easy to follow and understand chart that anyone can use to start practicing their Mathematical skills and become better acquainted with them. It can also be used as a foundation for learning more advanced techniques such as Squaring, Cubes, Fractions, Grouping, and Integration.

Proportioned Multiplication Chart
Proportioned Multiplication Chart

Proportioned Multiplication Chart

The history of the Multiplication Chart is very well known. It is credited to Master Francis Galton. The first sheet of paper was available for download from at his websites. It was only a simple paper with multiple crosshatch designs on it, but there was no other resemblance to a diagram.

Proportioned Multiplication Chart (Color Version)

The reason for this obscurity is that it was extremely difficult to make crosshatch diagrams that displayed the shapes correctly. Therefore, he created a pattern or construction pattern that allowed him to easily design different shapes by changing the number of repetitions of the crosshatching. He made the design on that pattern and made it look like something that was supposed to be connected by lines, only that in actuality, it was not connected at all.

Although this discovery has been used for decades by members of the business and MBA industries, it was not utilized widely until recently. However, now, many Math related articles are available online. As a result, the needed knowledge is not difficult to learn.

Proportioned Multiplication Chart (Black and White)

Of course, these charts would not work for students who would want to practice their Skills and Concentration. These charts would have no meaning to them. It would only be for the individuals who would want to learn and understand themselves and their Mathematical Skills.

Because of this similarity advantage, it is not surprising that this was popularized for the business and MBA industries. Many people would want to be more productive in the business world and have a better understanding of the Mathematics that they need to excel.

The actual artwork for the chart has improved over the years and has become more sophisticated. With a better graphic and instruction, the number of individuals who are successfully practicing their Math skills has increased over the years.

The proportioned multiplication chart is now used by different organizations, colleges, and schools to encourage their students to become better and more well-versed Math students. There are many online Math courses that you can use to learn more about the different types of graphs and how they would fit in with your Math curriculum.

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