Spaceship Math Addition G 1+9, 9+1, 0 + Any Number

Spaceship Math Addition G 1+9, 9+1, 0 + Any Number were written by Jon B. Christian and Julie M. Ettinger. This Spaceship Math Worksheet uses spaces, “‘, and apostrophes to construct addition and subtraction equations for students in grade four. It can be used to help your students understand and solve more advanced math problems.

Spaceship Math Addition G
Spaceship Math Addition G

Spaceship Math Addition G

Worksheet 1

Spaceship Math has been a part of the Georgia Association of Mathematics for over twenty years. In the author’s own words, “My students learn through doing, but I still have trouble with how I explain it to them. I got the idea from an exciting text book called Math Worksheet, by Gary Ettinger and Julie M. Ettinger, who wrote for another chapter on the same topic.

My daughter taught my son math for a few years in high school, and she was always encouraging me to let her do more with my math homework. After we read the Math Worksheet, I looked at my son and said, “What do you think about making my math workbook?” It turned out that he had a lot of problems with math, but he had lots of fun doing Math Worksheet.”

Worksheet 2

Math Worksheet is a handbook for teachers that encourages students to experiment with different techniques for learning math. Spaceship Math is a part of that book. It helps students identify the main problem in a problem and apply arithmetic, algebra, and other techniques to solve the problem. And, using Spaceship Math, they can think about math problems in new ways and come up with interesting new solutions.

The book has been praised by several teachers as a teacher’s guide that is a fun way to engage students in algebra and other advanced math problems. In fact, teacher testimonies say that Math Worksheet not only motivates students to learn, but italso makes them want to work harder in math class!

Worksheet 3

Dr. Ettinger said that when he was growing up in New York City, he could barely read or write. Later, as a professor, he watched his students struggle with algebra. He saw that by making math an integral part of their lives, and teaching them to apply math problems in new ways, he was able to teach them much better than he ever could have.

What will your students do in math class? If they are bored with traditional methods, they may find Math Worksheet to be a rewarding and enjoyable tool. They will find it useful for identifying their math problems, setting up a problem-solving strategy, and ultimately solving the problem. The author, Gary Ettinger, says, “In addition to helping students solve math problems, I wanted to encourage them to solve math problems differently. Using spaces, apostrophes, and other styles in math worksheets give students opportunities to think about math problems differently.”

Worksheet 4

Read Spaceship Math, and see what a difference Spaceship Math makes in the classroom. Not only will your students have fun solving math problems, they will learn more, feel better, and become more independent, which will lead to better learning!

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