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Use this poster as stimulus for your students. Print it out in A3 or larger and display it in your classroom.

He can see his house from here: detect, spy, set eyes on, recognise, identify, glimpse, note, notice, spot, mark, observe, pick out, catch, behold,perceive, distinguish, clock, sight, watch, view, make out and discern.

He went to see his grandma: bump into, encounter, pop in, stop by, visit, drop by, meet, call and come by.

He could see the clues: grasp, dig up, comprehend, understand, catch on to, ascertain, eye-ball, recognise, identify, eye, determine, work out, perceive, check out, peg, figure out, fathom, confirm, enquire, appreciate, follow, realise, envisage, learn, investigate, cotton-on, discover, consider, picture, deduce, discern, establish and check.

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