Synonym posters: Can you think of a better word in your writing?

How many times have you asked your kids to switch out a boring word for a more interesting one? These files will help them do just that!

Print them out in colour for your wall, in any size you like, or shrink them down to make mini word cards that your learners can take to their desks.

Includes synonyms for good, bad, big, small, happy, sad, said, very, went, amazing and another page with a bunch of interesting ‘extraordinary’ words.

Use this poster as stimulus for your students. Print it out in A3 or larger and display it in your classroom.

He can see his house from here: detect, spy, set eyes on, recognise, identify, glimpse, note, notice, spot, mark, observe, pick out, catch, behold,perceive, distinguish, clock, sight, watch, view, make out and discern.

He went to see his grandma: bump into, encounter, pop in, stop by, visit, drop by, meet, call and come by.

He could see the clues: grasp, dig up, comprehend, understand, catch on to, ascertain, eye-ball, recognise, identify, eye, determine, work out, perceive, check out, peg, figure out, fathom, confirm, enquire, appreciate, follow, realise, envisage, learn, investigate, cotton-on, discover, consider, picture, deduce, discern, establish and check.

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