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Summer Counting Practice Worksheet

The Summer Counting Practice Worksheet is used to help children practice counting backwards, and also to teach the student how to do this in their own handwriting. This worksheet was designed by Mary Pappas and has a very simple format that does not require a lot of explaining and learning. Summer Counting Practice Worksheet The […]


Preschool Math Assessment Workbooks is a must for all teachers. Preschoolers are going to have a learning curve and the teacher will need to find an appropriate set of materials that help them progress. Preschool worksheets are a great option to help with this. PRESCHOOL MATH ASSESSMENT WORKSHEETS Workbooks help the child learn the concept […]

Top 10 Preschool Math Kids Activities Worksheets

Preschool Math worksheets are a great way to help Preschool kids to develop math skills. Preschool Math worksheets can be used as a reward for good grades or as a way to keep children’s focus on the task at hand. Some of the great Preschool Math worksheets include speed work, addition worksheets, subtraction worksheets, and […]