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Before and After Number Worksheets for First Grade

Before and After Number Worksheets for First Grade is one of the most effective resources to help children and adults alike. It offers the ability for kids and parents to put a smile on their face with something that will help their child improve. It will also allow them to learn something as well which […]

Farm Animals Counting Worksheet

If you’ve ever been to a class where the teacher has been counting, or you’ve watched Animal Planet, you may have been inspired by the idea of a Farm Animals Counting Worksheet. If you are, then it’s time to think seriously about making a Worksheet using Farm Animals that can help your student learn math […]

Summer Counting Practice Worksheet

The Summer Counting Practice Worksheet is used to help children practice counting backwards, and also to teach the student how to do this in their own handwriting. This worksheet was designed by Mary Pappas and has a very simple format that does not require a lot of explaining and learning. Summer Counting Practice Worksheet The […]

8+ Ordinal Numbers Worksheets

Kindergarten and the Ordinal Numbers are a free way to improve reading skills. One of the most difficult parts of the first grade is learning to read. Teaching children the first syllables of words helps them learn the alphabet faster and helps them focus on the word. Ordinal Numbers Worksheets Identify the Ordinal Numbers Kindergarten […]

10 Numbers Coloring Page – number 1-10 coloring page

The first-grade worksheet should focus on the numbers, shapes and other attributes of several different children’s objects. When you are designing your preschool lesson plans, it is important to recognize this. It will help you to develop teaching activities that will help children learn about the numbers and what they represent. Colors and shapes. Many […]

Counting Numbers Practice 1-20

If you are looking for a good preschool class to take, you might want to consider enrolling your children in Counting Numbers Practice for Preschool. This is an exciting lesson that will enable your children to use counting and math concepts in a fun way and to get them thinking differently. Counting Numbers Practice Kids […]