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Preschool is a special time for children because it is when they begin to take their first steps into a world of learning. This is also a time when children can learn to develop their own social skills and develop relationships with other children of the same age. This is why preschool social and emotional […]


Preschool Reading Assessment is a fun, engaging way to help prepare students for their school years. The results of a Preschool Reading Assessment can be used by the school or even the teacher to determine how well the child is reading. PRESCHOOL READING ASSESSMENT The first step in getting a Preschool Reading Assessment is to […]

21+ 3 Dimensional Shapes Worksheets

Theses 3D Shape Review Worksheets are highly flexible, interactive, and creative. They can be used in an endless number of applications. These shapes can be matched with a variety of colors to provide an exciting and effective new way of teaching children about shapes and colors. 3 Dimensional Shapes Worksheets 3 Dimensional Shapes Properties Worksheet […]

5+ Pre Writing Worksheets

Whether it is Pre-Writing Worksheets, Tracing Straight and Slanted Lines Worksheet or some other worksheet, writing a pre-writing worksheet is necessary for any writer who wants to write a quality document. Writing a pre-writing worksheet takes care of the first draft of the work, which is always difficult to manage in any case of writing. […]

Top 10 Shapes Coloring Pages

Coloring pages are an excellent way to stimulate the imagination and to learn new skills. Shapes are among the most popular color combinations to use in coloring books. There are lots of shapes and patterns available for kids of all ages to use. Shapes Coloring Pages Shapes Coloring Page – square and triangle Here are […]

Alphabet Recognition Worksheets – ABC-Z Worksheets

Alphabet Recognition Worksheets is becoming a very popular resource for children and parents. They can be found online and in many various places, including not only children but also adults. There are a few reasons for this. Alphabet Recognition Worksheets Letter A,B,C Recognition Worksheet Alphabet Recognition Worksheets is a very effective teaching tool when it […]

10 Numbers Coloring Page – number 1-10 coloring page

The first-grade worksheet should focus on the numbers, shapes and other attributes of several different children’s objects. When you are designing your preschool lesson plans, it is important to recognize this. It will help you to develop teaching activities that will help children learn about the numbers and what they represent. Colors and shapes. Many […]

Counting Numbers Practice 1-20

If you are looking for a good preschool class to take, you might want to consider enrolling your children in Counting Numbers Practice for Preschool. This is an exciting lesson that will enable your children to use counting and math concepts in a fun way and to get them thinking differently. Counting Numbers Practice Kids […]