Spaceship Math Addition V 4+5, 5+4, 4+8, 8+4 for Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade

In Spaceship Math Addition you will be introduced to the common practice of placing information on different cells in a Worksheet. This can be very easy or very difficult to learn, depending on your grasp of pre-existing math concepts.

Spaceship Math Addition V
Spaceship Math Addition V

Spaceship Math Addition V

Worksheet 1

Spaceship Math Addition, like all the other modules in the Spaceship Math series, is designed to introduce students to the foundational skills that will be used throughout the curriculum. This module is divided into three sections – Concept, Period, and Data.

The first section introduces concepts from the Learning Objectives as we move through Period, Data, and Concepts. These sections are then followed by Practice Problems. As you do each step in the sequence you will notice a pattern of concepts developing and adding up together.

Worksheet 2

As you move into the second section, you will have an additional focus on the Period Problem. This problem involves placing letters on the right and left of the sheet. The first row (left side) of the sheet is numbered. Students can move the letter in the correct column, or over to the next row if they don’t find the letter in that column.

It should be noted that in Spaceship Math Addition, students will not write the letters of the alphabet on the sheet, but rather place them in fours. As with other modules, the letters are paired with fours. There are eight pairs, which represent fours.

Worksheet 3

Each pair (fours) has its own identification number. As with the other modules, students can use their pre-existing knowledge of fours and the letter list. However, students will not find the letter in the correct column because the spaces are not the same size.

Some students might find this module to be difficult because it provides them with less opportunity to be creative, they’ll need to keep repeating themselves in formulating their ideas and bullet points. These activities will also take more practice than the majority of the other modules, since students need to use their own knowledge of space and fours.

Worksheet 4

Remember that the Students can always pick up a worksheet of any size and create a space for their own initials, using only spaces and lines. Then they can also use their own knowledge of spaces to determine where their initials are located and continue to add spaces, while repeating this process until their initials are all on the sheet. Once their initials are on the worksheet, students can complete the Spaceship Math Addition worksheet and move on to the next module in the series.

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